Annual Women in Chemicals Reception



We’re excited to announce our annual Women in Chemicals Reception taking place at 2018’s Best Practices for Chemicals! Sponsored by IBM, the purpose of this event is to honor the exceptional and inspiring women leaders in the chemicals community. By bringing together a multitude of thought-leaders and seasoned professionals, this group will take a deep dive into hot-button issues experienced throughout all organizations.

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Is it the software, or is it me? Huntsman takes a giant step toward answering that question.



This article is written by Martin Rowan, the Senior Partner at Reveal.



Back in 2016, at the Best Practices for Chemicals conference in Houston, Texas we met Huntsman Chemicals. They attended a few of our speaking sessions and since then Reveal has been in multiple discussions and working sessions on how to maximize their current SAP System investment, while optimizing their Supply Chain at the same time. Continue reading

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Hottest Topics Inside the Chemicals Community


Ever wonder if the biggest issues within your organization are shared amongst other chemicals organizations? Each year, Eventful Conferences conducts extensive, months-long research inside the chemicals industry to determine what challenges are most commonly experienced. Through customer-centric roundtable discussions, one-on-one conversations with industry professionals, and even SAP themselves, five high-level themes emerged this previous year as we these findings were formulated into one conducive report: Best Practices for Chemicals Hot Topics Research Report.

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Top 10 Reasons to Attend 2017’s Best Practices for Chemicals

top-10-storiesGlobalization, major regional shifts of demand and supply base, geopolitical risks, increased competition, and exponentially growing regulatory requirements threaten established strategic models in the chemical industry. Company leaders are faced with new challenges that keep them up at night. How do we quickly integrate acquisitions to release promised synergies and onboard new revenue sources? How do we reduce complexity, integrate across silos, and streamline workflows across our entire global value chain? How do we resist commoditization by embedding ourselves more intimately within our customers’ innovation and operations cycles? How do we rapidly enter, differentiate, and win in new markets?

The Best Practices for Chemicals Event in Houston, April 4-6, will provide answers to those questions and here are the top reasons why you should attend:


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