Hottest Topics Inside the Chemicals Community


Ever wonder if the biggest issues within your organization are shared amongst other chemicals organizations? Each year, Eventful Conferences conducts extensive, months-long research inside the chemicals industry to determine what challenges are most commonly experienced. Through customer-centric roundtable discussions, one-on-one conversations with industry professionals, and even SAP themselves, five high-level themes emerged this previous year as we these findings were formulated into one conducive report: Best Practices for Chemicals Hot Topics Research Report.


Hottest topics inside the chemicals space include:

  1. Analytics – Data & Decisions
    • Big Data & Reporting
    • Technology Enabling Better Decisions
  1. Technology – Strategic & Future
    • S/4HANA: Finance & Logistics
    • Leonardo, IoT & Blockchain
  1. Customer Centricity – Engagement & Experience
    • Automation & Digitization
    • Becoming Service Based: “Ignoring the customer experience isn’t an option.”
  1. Technology – Current & Ongoing
    • Supply Chain & Logistics
    • Business Process Optimization
  1. Rapid Change – World & Technology
    • Globalization & Digitization
    • Disruption of Technology – Speed is Changing


Setting the stage for 2018’s #BP4Chem conference agenda, attendees and speakers alike will take a deep dive into these themes to explore innovative solutions to their business trials. A sample analyses of the category focused on “Rapid Change – World & Technology” will give insight to questions such as:

  • How can I stay updated with all of these changes!?
  • How do I update my business processes and models to address these changes?
  • How can I continue to manage customer expectations when they continue to change with the times?
  • How can I leverage UX to meet customer expectations?
  • What are some knowledge management best practices that can ensure that I retain my knowledge base?
  • How can I optimize staff and staff knowledge in a multi-generational workforce?
  • How can I reduce time to market without sacrificing product or data quality?
  • What are the new routes to market and what technology is out there to help me to get to them?


If you can relate to some of these issues or have had similar questions within your organization, your answer lies within your industry peers. Whether it’s through an expert Q&A session or a impromptu networking opportunity, solutions will be abundant at the Best Practices for Chemicals conference in Austin, Texas this March.


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