The State of the Chemicals Industry

In preparation for the 2020 ASUG Best Practices: SAP for Chemicals conference, the ASUG events team uncovered the industry’s key pain points, day-to-day challenges, and current trends. We have identified the following areas of focus chemicals professionals are facing today through one-on-one conversations with organizations, thought leaders, and stakeholders that are leveraging SAP technology to help run their businesses.

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2020 Hot Topics:

Digitally Transforming the Chemicals Enterprise
SAP chemicals industry customers are looking to standardize all core digital solutions to aid efficiency and leverage new tools such as Internet of Things (IoT) and robotic process automation (RPA).

Analytics and Reporting
Whether they work on a team with a dozen data scientists or take a decentralized approach to analytics, leaders in the chemicals industry strive to get more value from analytics, save time and money, and encourage their company culture to embrace advanced analytics.

End-to-End Supply Chain Transformation
The more visible and open SAP chemicals industry customers can make their supply chain systems, the easier it is for different teams across the organization to optimize their related processes.

Business Process Optimization
Building in a more optimized business process, SAP chemicals industry customers can eliminate the significant workarounds specifically coded to meet a business process need.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures
Within the chemicals industry, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures (MAD) make up the largest portion of portfolio and product changes, forcing the industry to rely on these to fuel future growth through shared synergies and inherited technologies.


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