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Digital Innovation Powering Customer Experience Transformation: Easy, Effective, Enjoyable

How did The Dow Chemical Company quickly and radically transform its customer experience? How did it take advantage of an enterprise-scale solid foundation (its core) yet with little options and agility to streamline customer engagement and interactions (the edge)? How did it create a culture and organization where speed, experimentation, and innovation are not challenging or conflicting with what is there but rather constructively add and augment it to become what is possible tomorrow?

Dow’s approach, initiated in mid-2016, has focused on three key pillars:

1. Establish digital innovation centers (DxC) with the methods, tools, and governance to ideate, design, and implement innovative customer experience solutions. Enable creativity, speed, and agility and pioneer a new culture without compromising on the vital linkage and alignment to the rest of the organization.

2. Define a company-wide framework for customer experience (CX) with the concepts, the frame, the structure, and the metrics to align the entire organization across functions and businesses with the same understanding and the same objective.

3. Leverage our best-of-breed SAP-centric enterprise solution portfolio as a foundation with innovative cloud-based capabilities, APIs, and microservices to quickly integrate, build, and deploy new digital mobile and web touchpoints at a much faster speed.

This approach has been scaled and expanded over time to become a visible and impactful contribution to Dow’s overall digital transformation. Numerous solutions have been built and are now in the hands of its customers, using it daily and confirming the business is indeed making CX easy, enjoyable, and effective.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Direct, tangible business impact on customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer growth
  • Maximizing ROI in our ERP portfolio foundation (system of records) and accelerate innovation with digital touchpoints (system of engagements)
  • Shape a modern developer culture for Agile/DevOps compatible with an established IT organization
  • Guillaume Deudon
    Director of Customer Experience Services and Digital Marketplace Centers, The Dow Chemical Company